Catastrophe Planet

Planet on 'path to catastrophe' as million species threatened
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This week, a new policy paper from an Australian think tank claims that those other reports are slightly off; the risks of climate change are actually much, much worse than anyone can imagine.

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According to the paper , climate change poses a "near- to mid-term existential threat to human civilization," and there's a good chance society could collapse as soon as if serious mitigation actions aren't taken in the next decade. Published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Melbourne an independent think tank focused on climate policy and authored by a climate researcher and a former fossil fuel executive, the paper's central thesis is that climate scientists are too restrained in their predictions of how climate change will affect the planet in the near future.

The current climate crisis, they say, is larger and more complex than any humans have ever dealt with before. The truth, the authors wrote, is probably far worse than any models can fathom. What might an accurate worst-case picture of the planet's climate-addled future actually look like, then? The authors provide one particularly grim scenario that begins with world governments "politely ignoring" the advice of scientists and the will of the public to decarbonize the economy finding alternative energy sources , resulting in a global temperature increase 5.

At this point, the world's ice sheets vanish; brutal droughts kill many of the trees in the Amazon rainforest removing one of the world's largest carbon offsets ; and the planet plunges into a feedback loop of ever-hotter, ever-deadlier conditions. Indeed the target will not even be reached by Another, by the World Meteorological Organization , said the past four years had been the warmest on record and warned that global temperatures could easily rise by C by , well above that sought-after goal of 1.

The UK will not be exempt either.

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The Met Office said summer temperatures could now be 5. At the same time, prospects of reaching global deals to halt emissions have been weakened by the spread of rightwing populism. Not much to smile about in Katowice.

She has studied sea-level rises that will be triggered by melting ice sheets and expanding warm seawater in a world C hotter than it was in pre-industrial times, and concludes these could reach 0. This would be enough to deluge Pacific and Indian Ocean island states and displace millions from Miami, Guangzhou, Mumbai and other low-lying cities. Even then the seas will not stop rising, Jevrejeva added. We could experience the highest-ever global sea-level rise in the history of human civilisation.

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Vast tracts of prime real estate will be destroyed — at a time when land will be needed with unprecedented desperation. The world will have double its present numbers — but with hugely reduced areas of fertile land to provide food. We will be living in a shrunken, scorched planet bursting with human beings. Somaliland gives a grim vision of this future.


It is real. Sudan and Kenya are also victims of a drought that has dried the Horn of Africa faster than at any other time in the past 2, years. Similarly, in Vietnam, thousands a year are abandoning the once fertile Mekong Delta as rising seawater pollutes paddy fields. By , the World Bank says more than million will become climate refugees. Arctic ice loss threatens polar bears, droughts imperil monarch butterflies, and koala habitats are being destroyed by bush fires. In all, about a sixth of all species now face extinction, say scientists, although in the end no creature or plant will be safe.

Scientists warned more than 30 years ago that such a future lay ahead, but nothing was done to stave it off. Only dramatic measures are now left to those seeking to save our burning planet, and these can have grim political consequences.

Global catastrophe warning: Planet could be ‘plunged into darkness’ - shock US alert

Had only modest changes been enacted a few decades ago there would be no trouble today, say analysts. But the most telling example is provided by the US, which has emitted about a third of the carbon responsible for global warming. Yet it has essentially done nothing to check its annual rises in output.

No region of the US has more to lose from climate change than southern Florida. A national climate change plan is preparing the United Arab Emirates to transition towards a green economy, he said, calling for the inclusion of the private sector, academia and youth in climate-related summits. Half of the population is under the age of 35 and the United Arab Emirates was among the first countries to appoint a Minister for Youth, he noted.

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Urging stakeholders to transition efforts towards implementation initiatives, she said Mexico is developing a road map to integrate social justice and environmental protection. Mexico is promoting the integration of stakeholders as a means to identify new opportunities emerging from climate action. Citing a Government report, she said benefits of such activities include increased productivity and improvements in public health indicators.

For climate action to succeed it must account for the needs of all affected communities, she noted, adding that the University of Mauritius is set to host a multi-stakeholder climate justice conference. Such efforts allow for genuine action that recognizes the link between climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals.

However, the international community is not on track to meet its goals or those set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Carbon and death

The content you requested does not exist or is not available anymore. Keith Laumer - Galactic Odyssey. Sort order. These are external links and will open in a new window. About Keith Laumer. Add the first question. Once in possession of the coin, Mal found himself on a mysterious quest which led him to The Earth was in shambles after the final quake had leveled the cities.

Across most areas progress has been insufficient. He suggested the use of an integrated narrative that brings the Sustainable Development Goals and climate action together in an exciting way that promotes systemic changes.


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He pointed to the shift towards a green economy in India as an example of best practice and said upcoming high-level meetings provide a stage to catalyze greater action. He highlighted that the past four years have been the warmest in history and greenhouse gases have increased by 2. Without concrete action, the planet will continue to get warmer. Echoing other speakers, he called for more involvement by young people. He called for every individual to take the issue personally, then collectively positive changes can be achieved.

The Sustainable Development Goals are integral to mitigating the effects of climate change, but a warming planet will make the Goals impossible to realize. Indigenous and all races of women are key to healing Mother Earth. She noted the importance of addressing the negative effects of new technologies like solar pumps, or how moving from plastic to glass bottles may increase emissions due to transportation.

Planet on 'path to catastrophe' as million species threatened

The representative of Italy said the model of development must be rethought. His country has a national strategy for sustainable development that integrates climate issues, looking all the way to , and two months ago established a Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development in Rome. He noted that Africa continues to be the continent most affected by climate change.

The representative of the Inter-Parliamentary Union expressed worry that the right synergy does not exist in the economic model, and that the international community is still thinking of a technological solution. The world must escape this growth model, which persists even in United Nations debates. She said there is a tendency to work in silos, and despite improvements in including gender requirements in proposals, real implementation of them is lacking.

A civil society representative echoed Ms. This is a year for practical solutions, including realistic carbon funding.

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KING, closing the discussion, said action requires strong partnerships and better coherence among multiple partners. She asked Ms. Svedling what policy interventions are needed to achieve emission cuts and how intergenerational equity factors into those strategies. In terms of private sector engagement, she said road maps are being presented by business sector representatives outlining climate initiatives. She noted that the European Union is the top provider of development assistance worldwide, with climate initiatives being increasingly integrated into funding priorities.

Svedling said Sates must embed climate action in national budgets in order to establish a clear link with the Sustainable Development Goals. Fouad, asked how Egypt is integrating low-carbon technologies. FOUAD said such technologies yield positive results but developing countries require developed States to promote technology transfers to make them affordable.