Outsourcing training and development : factors for success

Outsourcing Training and Development Factors for Success
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It is a well-acknowledged opinion that where these styles and preferences are closely matched to the medium of delivery, greater retention of learning naturally occurs. A basic bonus in this process is that learners learn how to learn. Obviously, technology bears a key role in this. Sun City has subscribed to almost the total bouquet that Learning Resources has on offer.

The project is nine months old and has over learners registered on various courses. The centre is run by a staff of five, is open for 65 hours per week and provides in excess of learning hours per week. Effectively, this means that staff members are delivering 90 hours of learning in their hour week. Through the learning mixes mentioned above with a strong technology based learning focus. Here is a direct cost for a change! When negotiating an outsourced deal one has to consider the fact that learning and development is directly linked to business needs.

Business needs are dynamic, not static and strategy is a living tool.

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Given this, it is important to bear in mind that learning and development needs are also subject to constant revision, redirection and reselection. Altering course midstream is a reality and if flexibility is not an option, then money goes directly down the tubes. Firstly, look for a one-stop-shop operation. Change becomes extremely difficult to implement, never mind manage, when there is more than one service provider onboard. Secondly, look for a long-term partner in the game. A provider prepared to look beyond immediate needs and partner you in your execution of strategy, not only willing but able to embrace dynamic change, is the ideal.

Ensuring quality is also a cost issue in the medium term. Outsourcing learning and development should raise many questions surrounding quality and that does not simply mean the quality of the learning interventions on offer. The provider must demonstrate clear and physical evidence of project management techniques to measure expectations against delivery.

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In this book, human resource management and training expert Judy Hale demystifies training outsourcing and details how companies can successfully. Outsourcing Training and Development: Factors for Success [Judith Hale] on prelinparbalym.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this book, human resource .

Service level agreements ensure clear accountability and delivery and are an absolute requirement. This is essentially the first step to quality control.

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The subsets will relate to the quality of execution of learning deliverables. These subsets should at least incorporate measurement of the quality of learning delivery, quality of learning, quality of learning transfer to the workplace and the quality of performance effect. Above all, some form of external quality assurance should be in place. Harvard Business School provides us with external certification of their management development programmes.

Sun City and Learning Resources, both client and provider respectively, have benefited by having this external assurance in place. All too often, what occurs in client-consultant relationships is that the consultant delivers an impressive and costly package that nobody knows how to use! Traditionally, in client-consultant relationships the expertise is seen to lie with the consultant who dominates the relationship as a consequence.

Striking the wrong relationship at the outset can be costly. It is preferable to have a service provider prepared to take the time doing audits and getting to grips with the culture of the organisation. The service provider should make every effort to become a business partner in the process, entering the bloodstream and living and breathing the business of the client. A collaborative approach far outweighs dictated expertise in value. Plans for operational rollout of the outsourced learning and development process should show evidence of enrolling the support and co-operation of internal stakeholders that will encourage ownership of the process.

Outsourced solutions are, if you like, in-house solutions that operate within and from the context of the corporate culture. In the opening paragraph reference was made to the fact that learning and development often co-exists with other business units in the organisation at best, and most commonly lives on the periphery of the business.

This is a central reason for learning and development being the stepchild of the organisation, perceived to be a drain on finances and showing very little in the way of making a difference. All too often employees attend training with little visible result in the workplace in the long term.

6 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Online Training

Training should not be the objective of outsourced learning and development projects, it is but a part of the solution offered. The whole solution is a total integration of training and development into a performance framework. In other words, the service provider should show evidence of strategy to take learning and development back into the core of business and gauge its worth by return on investment factors, with measurable increased performance as the first stop on the road of proof. If you are thinking of outsourcing learning and development, align with world-class best practise and ensure that your delivery vehicle situates its tactical strategy within a solid performance framework.

Performance should be the focus of interest, not training. The point of departure for an outsourced learning and development project should be operationally oriented towards the translation of strategic goal into learning goals and the cascading of these throughout the organisation. Your service provider should be asking you questions about strategy and performance needs, not training needs, and should show a capability to transfer learning to the workplace.

A model for outsourcing HRD

On-the-job assessments, coaching and mentoring systems and alignment and integration with performance management systems are the measures of value you should be looking for. The outsourced project at the AA has utilised the Balanced Scorecard to drive strategy and align learning needs in terms of performance deliverables, which support strategic objectives.

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The Health and Racquet Club is moving towards a client-centric approach geared towards long-term customer relationship management. Given this strategic performance need, it was decided that the first destination should be to develop a more conscious management process. In other words the learning intervention was derived from strategy and formulated in terms of performance needs. At Sun City a strong culture of learning has been established and this is now being centred in a performance framework with the co-operation of Sun City staff.

HR and Learning Resources staff members have bonded as a solid team. Learning and development is being carried into the arena of performance through the use of skills assessments, personal development plans, learning paths and on-the-job assessments. Both learning and the transfer of learning are becoming focal points of performance appraisals. With this development, performance is emerging as both the driver and result of learning and development.

Performance, in turn, is sturdily mapped to, and driven by, strategic goals. If you are coming up with consistent negatives, then you should strongly be considering outsourcing the learning and development function.

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Remember training does not drive profit, but performance surely does. The value of outsourcing learning and development: considerations and search criteria. Issued by Learning Resources Johannesburg, 01 Jul Read time 13min 50sec. This article will explore two issues central to outsourcing training and development: 1. What to look for in a service provider Three case studies drawn from the experience of Learning Resources will be used to illustrate the practical application of the issues relevant to the key elements that should be sought in choosing a service provider.

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Mindflash - Rated 4. This will help you know whether you are getting the expected results or not. Thus, outside training suppliers can ensure that employees are exposed to the latest knowledge and skills to remain up-to-date. This study investigated the outcomes of training outsourcing as perceived by employees. It also covers the labyrinth of contractual, interpersonal, and legal dimensions inherent in any decision to partner with another service provider. However, if you are not, we will refund or replace your order up to 30 days after purchase. Human Resource Management Review, 1,

Factors as important as cost 1. Moving into the new economy The terms "Old Economy" and "New Economy" are regularly bandied about, and it is not the intention of this article to provide expositions thereof, but global trends speak of drastic changes in the perception and operation of economic constructs.

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Compliance with legislation Employment Equity and the Skills Development Act have brought employee advancement into the spotlight. Repositioning specialisation Traditionally, in-house learning and development centres have employed trainers for very specific sets of knowledge, skills and abilities. Variable learning mixes Another cost factor to consider in deciding whether to outsource or not is to examine what learning mixes are being offered at present within the learning and development sector.

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Change and flexibility Here is a direct cost for a change! Quality assurance Ensuring quality is also a cost issue in the medium term. Collaborative relationships All too often, what occurs in client-consultant relationships is that the consultant delivers an impressive and costly package that nobody knows how to use! Outsourcing your training gives you this option. While training may be a small part of your business, learning service providers spend all of their time and energy on training and development. Learning and development service providers are experts in the area and have a passion for providing successful training solutions.

Great learning service providers have access to the talent and resources necessary to deliver exceptional training without missing a beat. By outsourcing your training, you have the ability to tap into all of the resources of your learning and development partner, ensuring quality Subject Matter Experts SMEs with industry experience and high-quality resources.

All of these factors contribute to high-quality training content. It takes a lot to keep an organization operating successfully and efficiently. By outsourcing your training, your organization will be able to focus on other key areas of running the business and managing employees.

Strategic Training and Development

Organizations will then have the opportunity to focus on growing their business in other areas and ensuring that the training will align with all other short and long-term goals. Outsourcing your training can provide numerous benefits for your organization and ensures that you will receive top talent and high-quality training.

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