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How a petition should be prepared. The Standing Committee on Petitions welcomes petitions in either electronic format or paper format.

Some requirements of both paper and e-petitions include:. Rules about signatures.


Paper petitions must contain a front page with the original handwritten signature and full name and address of the principal petitioner, who must be either a resident or citizen of Australia. Each person signing a petition must do so in their own handwriting, and they must confirm that they are either a resident or citizen of Australia.

No contact details are required to be given. If a person is incapable of signing on their own, they may ask another person to sign on their behalf. Every signature must be in original handwriting, on a page containing the request of the petition not on the reverse side or a separate page. Signatures must not be copied, pasted, or transferred onto the petition. The person must confirm their intention to sign through a notice sent by email. An email address can only be used once per petition. Getting a petition presented. The Petitions Committee assesses each petition against the rules of the House.

What happens in the House? Petitions are usually presented on Mondays by the Chair of the Petitions Committee. The Chair presents a report containing the subject and the number of signatories to each petition.

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The Chair traditionally makes a short statement to draw attention to any petition trends, provide general information on petitioning the House or to update the House on the work of the Committee. Once presented, petitions are included in the Votes and Proceedings the official record of the House.

How to Write a Successful Petition *Warning this Will Manifest* So Be Exact on What You Want!!!

What happens after a petition has been presented? After a petition has been presented in the House the full terms of the petition and the number of signatures are printed in the Hansard for that day. They are also published on the House petitions webpages. The Committee may refer the petition to the Minister responsible for the matter raised in the petition, requesting a written response.

Once received by the Committee, responses to petitions are presented in the House by the Chair, printed in Hansard and published on the petitions webpage.

Office of the Registrar

Make a difference by starting your petition today. is a free, easy to use platform that connects you to a community of over million passionate. This petition is part of an international campaign. You find all petitions here: www. Please support our campaign and join us!.

Most petitions are actioned in this way. Other actions available on petitions include the ability for the Petitions Committee to hold an inquiry into any matter relating to petitions. The only other possible action is a motion on notice to refer a petition to a particular committee. Historically, these actions have been rare.

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Some statistics. From , an average petitions have been presented each year. In , petitions were presented. The largest petition presented in the House of Representatives. Historical note.

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Some of the earliest legislation was in fact no more than a petition which had been agreed to by the King. The present form of petitions developed in the late 17th century.

The House of Commons passed the following resolutions in That it is an inherent right of every Commoner of England to prepare and present petitions to the House in case of grievance; and of the House of Commons to receive them. That it is the undoubted right and privilege of the House of Commons to adjudge and determine, touching the nature and matter of such Petitions, how far they are fit and unfit to be received.

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