Physics of Transition Metal Oxides

Physics of transition metal oxides
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Authorization Required. Log In. Figure 3 Comparison of present calculated Coulomb U and exchange J filled circles with previous results calculated within the cLDA approach[ 4 , 15 ] unfilled symbols and empirical values[ 4 ] stars. Data points from the same work are connected by dashed lines as a guide to the eye.

Orbital physics in transition-metal oxides

Figure 4 LDA band structure of fcc paramagnetic manganese. Previous results are taken from Refs. Figure 6 Comparison of screened Coulomb U a and exchange J b for paramagnetic TMs between this work closed circles and empirical values open circles from Ref. Effective dielectric constants for the direct Coulomb interaction c and the exchange interaction d are also presented.

Result for the ferromagnetic phase of Fe, Co, and Ni are shown with star symbols. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review B.

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Journal: Phys. X Rev. A Phys. B Phys.

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Transition metal oxides have a long and distinguished history. They are familiar today as magnets, prized as materials for electronics, and aroused new interest. The fact that magnetite (Fe) was already known in the Greek era as a peculiar mineral is indicative of the long history of transition metal oxides as useful.

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Trukhanov, D. Tishkevich, E. Trukhanova, T. Zubar, D.

Physics of Transition Metal Oxides Springer Series in Solid State Sciences v 144

Karpinsky, V. Kostishyn, L. Panina, D. Vinnik, S. Gudkova, E. Trofimov, P. Thakur, A.

Ramp Reversal Memory – a new kind of memory in Transition Metal Oxides

Thakur, Y. Author s : Anna N. Morozovska, Yevhen M. Vysochanskii, Eugene A. Author s : Anatolii I. Kurchak, Anna N. Morozovska, Eugene A.

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Eliseev, Sergei V. Kalinin, Maksym V. Eliseev, Anna N. Morozovska, Christopher T.

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Nelson, Sergei V. Author s : Maksym V. Strikha, Anatolii I. Morozovska, Victoria V. Khist, Maya D. Glinchuk, Christian M. Scherbakov, Maxim V. Silibin, Dmitry V. Karpinsky, Eugene A. Eliseev, Maya D. Glinchuk, Olena M. Fesenko, Vladimir V. Shvartsman, Venkatraman Gopalan, Maxim V. Author s : Maya D. Glinchuk, Anna N.

Morozovska, Dmitry V. Karpinsky, Maxim V. Author s : A. Abramov, D. Alikin, M. Neradovskiy, A. Turygin, A. Ushakov, R. Rokeah, A. Nikitin, D. Shur, A. Morozovska, Anatolii I. Kurchak, Zhanna G. Zemska, Anna Lukowiak, Maksym V.

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  • 4d and 5d Transition Metal Oxides: A New Frontier of Materials with Exotic Phenomena - Gang Cao.
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