Reforming Urban Governance in Bangladesh: The City Corporation

Reforming Urban Governance In Bangladesh - The City Corporation Hardcover 1ST Ed. 2017
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A govern-ment spokesperson explained what prompted this sudden slicing of the capital: "It has not been possible for only one City Corporation to provide the desired services to 1. With two mayors, efficiency in administration will multiply.

Special issue on 36th anniversary

This book provides an analysis of the urban government system in Bangladesh, focusing on its upper tier, the City Corporation (CC), and the institutional and. and institutions capable to face the challenges of urban governance. The main reason is . Keywords Bangladesh 4 City Corporation (CC) 4 Decentralization 4.

Administrative fragmentation of Dhaka runs counter to the common urban policies of good cities. A good city is not just about providing services. As history shows, great metropolises often materialise through the holistic vision of a dynamic and empowered urban administrator.

Financing Cities in India Municipal Reforms, Fiscal Accountability and Urban Infrastructure

A livable city that provides efficient urban services, quality educational institutions and hospitals, affordable housing, a healthy environment, and adequate recreational areas is less about dividing or sharing governance responsibilities and more about developing a comprehensive urban strategy and then implementing it. Such a comprehensive strategy is most likely to come from the vision, passion, and skills of one administrator. Consider Enrique Penalosa, mayor of Bogota, Colombia, who, in the late s, masterminded the city's transformation from a crime-ridden city into a livable, mass-transit-based metropolis.

And, of course, there was Jaime Lerner, the legendary mayor of the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, who, in the late s, implemented a host of urban reforms that made Curitiba a shining example of sustainable urbanism. Great ideas hardly come from having more government organisations. Consider this innovation by Lerner. Municipal waste removal trucks could not enter the narrow, crooked streets of Curitiba's poorer sections.

Hence, kitchen wastes would pile up on the street, compromising public health.

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Lerner introduced a programme in which residents of these impoverished areas would trade trash bags for bus passes. As a result, slums got cleaner, and the bus rapid-transit system served more people, making it cost effective. Mumbai and New York City are no less complex and daunting than Dhaka is. All of these giant cities have one administrator, the mayor who is empowered through due electoral process to sit at the apex of a governance pyramid and spearhead a holistic model of urban management and planned growth. The mayor is given all the tools and manpower to mobilise an efficient administrative machine.

New York City represents a good prototype of urban governance and is considered one of most sustainable cities in the world. But it has only one Michael Bloomberg to keep it that way. Kanwar Sain runs the show in Delhi, which recently inaugurated a world-class underground train system. Beijing, with its stupendous ambition to be a global city, is governed by one mayor, Guo Jinlong.

Municipal Corporations in States of India

Then, a consultant [from Party X] was appointed. All of our shops use the South African Post Office or reputable couriers to deliver goods. Contemporary Sociology. The Europeanization of Turkish Public Policies. Ahmed, T. This qualitative case-study is based on 42 in-depth interviews with past and present stakeholders working with the government and the UPHC project, as well as a desk review of key project documents.

Instead of creating two City Corpo-rations that are likely to exacerbate Bangladesh's political divisiveness, the government should invest in empowering and enlarging the administrative capacity of the mayoral office. Provide the mayor with more tools and manpower and bring Rajuk under the jurisdiction of the City Corporation.

Reforming Urban Governance In Bangladesh: The City Corporation

Reform the electoral process to attract the best and most capable candidates with an urban vision and a knack for innovation. The defeatist argument that Dhaka has become too big to manage will yield flawed urbanisation policies for Bangladesh, a country projected to become an urban majority by The government must develop strategies to stop the monstrous growth of the city in all directions, devouring floodplains, rivers, and agricultural lands. The country's constitution even mandates the provision of a legal boundary for the capital. Bangladesh is a land-scarce country.

Every square inch of its landmass must be valued. In a country where urbanisation is inevitable, like in other developing countries of the world, instituting flawed urban policies would be a roadblock to the country's economic, social, and political progress. The sooner the culture of proposing knee-jerk policies with short-term goals is replaced with a habit of seeing the larger picture, the better it would be for the country.

Khan, M.

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Urban local governance in Bangladesh: An overview. Khan eds.

Reforming Urban Governance in Bangladesh The City Corporation - Ghent University Library

Urban governance in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Dhaka: Centre for Urban Studies.

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