Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE

Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE (Jboss)
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Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE (2nd Edition) [Michael Yuan, Jacob Orshalick, Thomas Heute] on *FREE* shipping on. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Fully Updated to Cover Major Enhancements to Seam 2.x In "Seam Framework, Second Edition, "the authors of the.

The combination of transparency and tact, along with relentless determination, makes a powerful combination. Gavin was also aggressive in his communication with the community, posting regularly on his blogsite , where he wrote about spec design issues and described proposed solutions. He educated the public by posting tutorials and changelogs about the specification. He even worked with the OpenWebBeans and Resin implementations to help them grasp the usefulness of the specification.

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Each effort [to integrate the disparate technologies] required rewrites to the specification document. But never did Gavin allow this work to block changes which were required to gain consensus. Instead, he diligently reworked the text, then turned it around for review as soon as possible.

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Ola Ellnestam likes to combine technology, people and business. Log in Registration. This theft is a vital language. John Ferguson Smart. I J Fax: 44 M murachbooks murach. A brief look at strategic design, which is crucial to larger projects.

Seam helps us to take a huge step toward agility. Orshalick: There are a number of competitors in the web framework arena but with a variety of programming models many centered around a stateless architecture. The closest competitor with Seam would be Spring Web Flow, given its similar stateful approach to web development through management of a set of contexts. While Spring Web Flow is a compelling option for those familiar with Spring, it can be a bit restrictive with its state management by forcing each stateful multi-page interaction with a user into a page flow. Seam allows you to create contexts spanning pages with unrestrained navigation. Seam minimizes the amount of XML through conventions and annotation support. In addition, if using existing Spring components is of concern, Seam provides direct integration with Spring making it simple to reuse existing Spring components. Orshalick: The programming model of Seam is centered around contexts and state.

To get your start, I would highly recommend learning the conversation model as it really defines the underpinnings of so much of what Seam provides.

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In addition, this gives you a head start on what's to come in the Java EE space as the conversation model of Seam is being standardized in JSR Keep an eye on this specification as it is poised to revolutionize Java EE web development. Orshalick: I recommend JBoss Tools as it provides built-in support for Seam and plugs directly into Eclipse which most Java developers are very familiar with already. Orshalick: I would certainly recommend it to others. It's a fun way to create something that contributes back to the community and being an avid Seam user, I find the Refcard useful for my own development on a daily basis.

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You can also check out my book which was just released and covers the latest and greatest features of Seam as well as an introduction to Web Beans JSR :. Using clear interactive lectures and hands-on labs, this course also introduces Seam integration points for rules engines and business process management in addition to covering the new JSR CDI standard, a feature of Java EE 6. We are gathering the data for this course from the other countriesā€¦ this will take a little timeā€¦ please be patient.

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Enterprise systems architects, Experienced enterprise Java developers, Technical managers and Developers who already have JSF and basic Seam knowledge. Create Seam Components to support business logic.

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