The Castle in the Forest

The Castle in the Forest
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A review of Norman Mailer’s latest novel by Hilary Masters

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Email Address. Alternately engaging, embarrassing and exasperating.

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Dec. Email address:. But after thousands of biographies, histories, novels, and films, many fundamental questions remain: How do we explain Hitler's hatred?

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Where did it come from? Could it happen again? Norman Mailer sets out to respond to these and other crucial aspects of Hitler's personality in his immensely readable new novel.

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The 14 books are:. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Stay tuned. Adolf had inherited some of Klara's genes, was weak, unsure of himself and so, Dieter would have us believe, was an easier target for the infection of evil. Their insults run parallel, their stares converge:. True Crime. Deleting comment

Spanning three generations, and a hundred years of history, the book brings to life the Hitlers? Mailer recounts the marriages, incestuous couplings, estrangements, afflictions, and deaths that lead to the birth of little Adi in Told in the voice of a narrator who in time reveals himself as an assistant to the devil, this playful yet profound novel blends fact and fiction in an incomparable family tale that will cause the reader to re-examine his preconceived ideas about Hitler and the nature of his evil.

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The Castle in the Forest is the last novel by writer Norman Mailer, published in the year of his death, It is the story of Adolf Hitler's childhood as seen. Norman Mailer's The Castle in the Forest an electrifying inquiry into the nature of evil, says Beryl Bainbridge. Norman Mailer's electrifying and peculiar new novel provides a different explanation, that of the intervention of the forces of evil. Mailer's novel is full of smells.

At this point, Dieter reveals himself to be an employee of Satan , instructed by his superiors to oversee the development of Hitler for possible use by the devil in the future. Dieter states that he had occupied the body of an SS officer when he chose to write his story, maintaining that, should Satan trace the work back to Dieter himself, he would be punished. Dieter follows Hitler through Austria, charting his development and taking a more active role as Hitler discovers wargames around the age of five, and witnesses the beating of the family dog which has a profound effect on him.

At this point, Alois retires and the family move to a rural farm.

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Reaction to the book was generally positive. The New York Observer called it a "blackly hilarious, beautifully written book" while Entertainment Weekly wrote that it was "terrifically creepy The Boston Globe wrote that the novel was "saturated with a very material sense of evil: The moods, textures, auras and above all the smells that announce the entrance of the Devil into earthly affairs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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